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Who is PRCaptive?

Our group is comprised of expert attorneys, CPAs, International Insurance Companies and experienced High Net Worth Investors.

What services do you provide free of charge?

1) Full analysis of your company and whether you do need the structure of a Captive or another structure based on your needs
2) The best jurisdiction for your captive Insurance if that is the best choice for your business
3) The ideal coverage and safest as well as highest return investments that will keep you in full compliance

If I agree to have a captive Insurance set up for my business how do we proceed?

If you’ve decided to have a captive Insurance set up for your business we proceed as follows:
1) We have you fill out an application
2) We provide you with a captive study, a proposed structure and set up
3) Once you agree on all of the above we proceed without charging you any fees
4) Once your Captive is set up, we provide a full year of operation with all accounting needs to keep you in full compliance

How do you get paid?

We get paid after you realize a net saving from the captive structure we set up for you. The fee you pay us will be based on an agreed upon percentage of your saving. We guarantee that our fee shall be lower than any other legal firm or organization that can set up your captive anywhere worldwide

Who is your typical customer?

High-income individuals and companies are our usual customers. (Anyone netting more than $100,000 USD per year may use some of our other services but for captive and other tax structures our clients usually net $500,000 to several millions of dollars per year– It depends on the services they need)

What is your preferred jurisdiction for captive structures?

1) Puerto Rico
2) Bermuda
3) Other locations including USA

We will discuss jurisdiction with you based on your personal and professional needs

Where are you based?

We have offices in the following locations:
1) Puerto Rico
2) New York
3) Florida
4) California

What other services do you offer?

Yes we do personalized services for high- income individual and companies such as:
1) Tax reduction structures
2) Asset Protection
3) Estate Planning
4) Real Estate Investments for you to join
5) Structuring Real Estate Funds for other investors to join you

Are all your structures and services handled by you and within the USA?

We provide most of services directly and structure them usually within the USA. We do refer your business to other endorsed qualified providers if we feel you would be served best through a referral.

How can I make sure I got a good deal?

We guarantee the lowest prices and best structures and usually do not charge any upfront fees until you realize your savings or returns first. We also guarantee your satisfaction 100% or you do not pay any fees (This is for 6 months after we have structured your personalized programs so we actually take all the risk for you so we choose our customers carefully)

How can I get started?

Please email us for a no obligation consultation at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What should I include in the email?

Subject line:
Captive (or whatever service you need)

In the body of the email:
1) Please place your name
2) Best phone number(s) to reach you
3) Your company’s name and type of business
4) Annual gross and net incomes
5) Any comments or questions you may have

Our response time is second to none.